The fox is a cunning and wise animal who chooses to go his own way. We thought of that when developing The Dirtwater Fox organic soft drinks. We skipped unnecessary dyes and preservatives. Instead, organic sugar, fruit and berry flavors, citric acid with water and carbonic acid are combined. The soda also contains less sugar than regular soda.

The result has become a headstrong and different drink with a sense of what the consumer appreciates. Simple and tasty. And also – we pasteurize the soft drinks for good sustainability in a natural way. Smart, right?

Dirtwater Fox Brewery is owned by The Nordic Soda Company AB.


The Nordic Soda Company AB is a Norrköping based company which produces ecological beverages. The subsidiaries is called Ekobryggeriet which produces tonic and Dirtwater Fox Brewery, which produces soft drinks. The founders of The Nordic Soda Company AB is Marcus Nyberg and Thomas Jensen.



Ekobryggeriet (EB) offers drink mixers with taste of Swedish forest and nature, including our beloved organic tonic with a Nordic twist and fresh soda water. EB has also developed a premium tonic together with the metal band Inflames. Click here if you want to visit the bigger sister Ekobryggeriet!


In addition to running a successful company by using experience, contacts and knowledge, our goal is to find new ways to give back to the world. We live by the slogan “A THIRD TO THE WORLD”. This means that we give back a third of the company’s profits to the environment or people who need help.

For us, it goes without saying that we as entrepreneurs have to take on a greater responsibility to have a world left to make money in. Of course we want to make money, but not at any price. We give one third of our profits to small and large organizations that support both social and environmental improvement projects. We see it as the enterprise of the future! Click here to read more about A third to the world.