In addition to running a successful business, we want to find new ways to give back to the world. For us, it goes without saying that we as entrepreneurs have to take on a greater responsibility to have a world left to make money in. Of course we want to make money, but not at any price! In doing so, we give a third of our profits to small and large organizations that support both social and environmental improvement projects – and we see it as the enterprise of the future!

We are not charity professionals. But we think it is important to contribute with what we can. And that’s why we created the divisor “A Third to the World”. This means that we donate at least a third of our profits every year to charitable causes. Sometimes we donate the money to smaller charities and sometimes we invest the money in our own projects. Like now when we build a new school building in Kenya.

“It started out small, with money for Barndiabetesfonden (the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation) and Novahuset, an organization helping sexually vulnerable girls. We are not charity professionals and do not work through established organizations. We find projects that are warm to our heart and ensure that the money goes directly into the business.”

Marcus Nyberg, Marketing Director on The Nordic Soda Company AB


As part of the “A third to the World-project”, we are currently building a new school in Kawangware, Kenya. We do this in collaboration with the Pentecostal church in Linköping. We have chosen this place thanks to Silas Babu, a man from Kawangware with a very big heart. For many years, Silas has worked with social issues, helped and supported people in their surroundings and in doing so also inspired us at The Nordic Soda Company.

We have met Silas on several occasions and he has told us about the school and how it works. It is together with the help of Silas and the church in the village that we are currently building a new school building for the smaller children. The building will consist of toilets, a bedroom for the children, two classrooms, a teacher’s room and an auditorium. The construction is expected to be completed in 2020.

The fourth of november 2018, our VD Mikael Bonnevier travelled together with Lets Feast to Kwangware to meet Silas, the local church and the children in school. Silas demonstrated where the new school should be located and told us how important it will be for the children in Kawangware.

I januari 2019 startade bygget av den nya skolbyggnaden i Kawangware som beräknas vara klar för invigning om några månader. Genom att följa @ekobryggeriet och @dirtwaterfoxbrewery på facebook och instagram kan du följa med i det spännande projektet!